Differential Response

Differential Response is a concept that tries to address common human needs that are not Child Protective Services issues. It evolved in the early 2000s to relive local CPS agencies of responding by creating partnerships with community based agencies.

In California this was developed in the Stakeholder;s Group.http://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/PG50.htm


Differential Response: A Pathway Toward Reforming Child Welfarehttp://www.differentialresponseqic.org/

Access Free Resources From the QIC-DR

The National Quality Improvement Center on Differential Response in Child Protective Services (QIC-DR) website has many resources to offer. Check these out!

Annotated Bibliography


A compilation of more than 100 pieces of literature on differential response is available in a searchable annotated bibliography that will be updated throughout the project. Type in a search term and find out what resources are available.

Literature Review

A comprehensive literature review encompasses a broad range of literature and evaluations on differential response.

State Survey Report

All 50 states were surveyed in early 2009 about differential response. The report outlines the findings, similarities and variations from the surveys that were returned.

Legal Analysis

Learn more about the legal issues around differential response. This is a great resource for attorneys, judges and policymakers wanting to learn more.


Want to track legislation related to differential response? Check out this website to get updates.


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