No Name Women’s group 02/24/20

Wisdom of Sophia

The wisdom of white hair streaked with Gray.
Sophia and Sophia’s sister,
Sophia, along with another Sophia
Sisters in spirit and
Wisdom embodied with spirit
looking forward
Wisdom coming together is a powerful thing
Wonderful women

No Name Women’s (NNW) group

Our host, Susan Moore, the “Late Winter Chicken” with clear leadership credibility.  Susan periodically organizes public forums to discuss issues of interest and concern.  February 24, 2020 she gathered a group of knowledgeable people to discuss the issues with homelessness.


Supervisor Susan Gorin described her understanding of homelessness

Jack Tibbets executive director of Society of Saint Vincent de Paul which is staffing the Los Guilicos sanctioned encampment => which only gets to stay there until April 30th and then has to move

Two wise young men Chris Rogers and Jack Tibbitts.

Chris Rogers said, “Well, ‘one size fits all’ does not work.”

Shelley Clark, Housing Policy Attorney, Legal Aid of Sonoma County

Jared Garrison-Jakel, M.D.
Third Street

Cited the triad of: Adverse childhood experiences (ACES), Substance abuse, and poverty as key features of individuals who are homeless.
Emphasized the “individual” as the subject of concern and compassion.
Look at barriers to accessing services. We need to be concerned about “safety first” before “Housing First”

Your County supervisor, Lynda Hopkins.  Lynda addresses the crowd discussing that we cannot allow hate to take root in our community.  If we have dignity we can have a holistic countywide effort to house everyone.

 The hand off from Lynda to Teddy

Teddie Pierce, founder of Decipher HMIS described how other communities are applying business level resources to local problems.  Her travels as an independent homeless systems consultant afford a broad view of how communities can structure their management response from a systems level.

   Attentive ones

Rebecca Kendall, Catholic Charities described launching Caritas Village

Jenni Klose, executive director, Generation Housing.

Chris Coursey, newspaper professional, former mayor of Santa Rosa, candidate for Sonoma County Supervisor 3rd district

  Supervisor Hopkins  responding to questions.

20200224 Adrienne Lauby

Adrienne Lauby
At the center of our hopes and sorrows
she carries them with us
and lets them be carried off

Adrienne’s homeless action leadership has led to the attention given now to the needs of people who are without homes.

Here’s Adrienne and her crew behind the Dollar Tree store